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Translucence - Digital PDF Zine

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A collaborative BNHA/MHA zine centered around color! Each piece in this zine is centered around one specific color of the rainbow where writing uses the color as a central theme and artworks use limited color palettes centered around one color! PDFs will be sent out every Saturday!

Please note: Any form of redistribution is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If we catch anyone reposting or redistributing content in any shape or form, they will be banned from any future purchases.

The Translucence bundle contains:
- High quality digital PDF file copy of zine
- 100+ pages of content
- 35 pieces of work created by a host of wonderful artists and authors and put together by the mods that created Arise: a BNHA Fashion Zine!

For a full list of all contributors, please visit the Contributors page using the links on the side -->
For previews to works, please check out or Twitter/Tumblr!